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Why DLS global Inc.?

DLS global Inc. is capable of accomplishing any and all customer's LED inquiries through customization to meet the needs of each client.  We survey the specifications of the customers to provide solutions for module specifications, housing fixtures, and SMT placements through our research and development department.  By finding the solutions through DLS global Inc. we are able to save the customers time and money for each intended project. DLS global Inc. has various solutions for all LED needs.  By utilizing our solutions for LED Modules, LED Lighting Drivers(AC Direct and SMPS), and Networking(Windows, Android) Options, we are able to provide quality guaranteed products at extremely competitive pricing.  By handling all the research for each customer, there is no more need aggravate over your LED needs.  By partnering with DLS global Inc., you will be provided with various solutions for your very own customized products.